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Tree Advice

Deadwood in the crown of an oak tree

Can I help you with trees?

From freelance consultancy, to species selection and community engagement

Do you need advice or help with your trees? I do what I can to work with others to help them with trees in both paid and voluntary roles. 


In addition to my main job, I work as a freelance consultant to larger tree consultancies, usually taking on tree risk management surveys and reports as well as being an advisor to a number of organisations.


I also cover management or planting plans and the fun stuff such as reviewing tree management policies or tree work applications! I've also worked on best practice guidance documents, training materials and lots more!!


If you are a tree charity or community group in need of advice: wanting to know what trees to plant where; how the trees should be looked after; need a second opinion; which tree surgeon to use; explaining tree legislation, practices, and policies; develop a tree community engagement plan or carry out tree survey work. Get in touch and we can talk more.

I can work with you on one-off jobs, or on a more regular basis.

Japanese cherry blossom
Greg inspecting a tree

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