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Ancient oak pollard in Epping Forest
Sezchuan birch catkins


My journey with trees began in 2009. Starting as a volunteer, it led me to studying trees at college, to running my own tree surgery business and then working as a tree officer in London.

I've worked in locations such as Hyde Park, St James's Park, Epping Forest, the City of London and many more.

One thing I have always enjoyed doing is working with the public to bring them closer to, and to help them learn about trees.

Oak grain
Greg Packman tree walk_edited.jpg
Oak grain

In 2009 I spent the summer volunteering at a nature reserve near to where I grew up.


I'd always enjoyed being outdoors and exploring nature but hadn't really paid much attention to trees up until this point.

Learning about woodland and countryside management, it was the trees that really stood out to me. I them found the most fascinating and was eager to learn more.


After a chance encounter with a tree surgeon at the nature reserve, I decided that the tree life was the life for me!

Japanese cherry blossom
Oak leaves capturing the sun

Over the next few years, I studied trees at college and started working as a tree surgeon and gardener, running my own business before joining The Royal Parks as a tree officer in 2015.

It was here that I started to focus on community engagement and guided tree walks.

After leaving The Royal Parks in 2019 I carried on leading their tree walks and worked with other groups such as The Urban Tree Festival.

Japanese cherry blossom
Oak grain
Amethyst Deceiver
Japanese cherry blossom

I've led tree walks and events for groups such as the Woodland Trust, Ancient Tree Forum, London National Park City, Timberland, South London Botanic Institute and numerous Friends of... groups, as well as a range of online and conference presentations.


In locations such as Hyde Park, St James's Park, Brompton Cemetery, Alexandra Park, Inner Temple Gardens,  Cannizaro Park and Brockwell Park.

The range of tree walks that I lead can be found in the 'Tree Walks' section. 

Japanese cherry blossom
Artichoke gall


I have been very fortunate to have won the following awards over the last few years.


2018: Pro Landscaper '30 Under 30: The Next Generation' Award


2020: London Tree and Woodland Awards: Acorn Award


2020: London Tree and Woodland Awards: Lockdown Champion Award - Part of The Urban Tree Festival


2022: Arboricultural Association - Young Arboricultural Professional of the Year Award 

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