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A large, spreading ancient yew tree


Tree Walks & Tree Talks

Japanese cherry blossom
Oak leaves lit up by the sun

Exploring the world of trees

Greg Talks Trees is led by Greg Packman, I'm a professional arboriculturist (tree management!) working in and around London.

I run a range of tree walks and tree talks on different themes, to different groups, in all sorts of locations.

Pink and white cherry blossom

What I Do?

The whole world of trees fascinates me, from urban trees to ancient trees and everything from ecology to folklore.


My day job is focused on urban tree management. Outside of that I really enjoy working with community groups to bring them closer to trees.

This ranges from tree walks, conferences, tree management advice, consultancy and training.

Catherine Nelson, Cannizaro Park

“Greg has led a wonderful year of tree walks in Cannizaro Park. His creative ideas for walks bring in many visitors, who are captivated by his wealth of knowledge and stories"

Oliver Crouch - Climate Assett Management

"Greg led a fantastic tree walk for our team away day. His knowledge and passion for trees shone through. We visited Greg's favourite trees, admired the autumn colour, were entertained by the stories and folklore surrounding them. A truly educational and entertaining experience"

Richard Paring - Education Manager - The Royal Parks

Greg is incredibly generous in sharing his love of trees with visitors to The Royal Parks. On his tours and talks, he combines his depth of knowledge and tree management experience with fascinating human stories, and a friendly approach that welcomes everyone.
Oak grain
Underside of oak mazegill


If you want to find out more about any of my tree walks & tree talks, or would like to organise a new event with me please get in touch!

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